The Admiral’s Table: Emma Lou Goes to a Con

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: Emma Lou Goes to a Con.

Bajoran Blogger Backlog Edition: These show notes are for the Admiral’s Table that originally posted on January 19, 2013.

Want to know how to make the Starbase crew green with envy (and not the regular green of feeding them Dave’s special Romulan ale-soaked mushrooms)? Let them hear about Listener ExtraordinaireTM Emma Lou’s adventure at this bad boy:


That’s right, our very own resident Wholigan temporarily laid aside her sonic screwdriver, parked the TARDIS in a towaway zone, and hung out with a gazillion geeks at Destination Star Trek London, which is being heralded as the BIGGEST Trek convention ever held. Bigger, even, than Shatner’s ego. Not as big as Shatner’s libido.

Listen as she discusses the lay of the land, the merchandise, the costumes, the guests, the crowds…really, just listen to her. She’s got an amazing accent bound to make you melty. Learn how a dinosaur onesie almost became a Gorn costume. Learn which Trek captain wrote what on John Barrowman’s backside. Learn which Trek actor is teaching, which is Doctoring, which possibly fancies a bit of Borg probing, and which one traded in her crinkle-cut nose for…kitchen witchery?

Finally, end the Admiral’s Table with a bit of Who hoo-ha, as the Admiral and Emma Lou dish and diss on the most recent season of Doctor Who. Be warned: Thar be spoilers ahead.

Although, this late in the game, that’s a bit of a moo point…

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