Episode Log: The Borg

Listen to Episode 109: The Borg.

We’ve been telling you this all along, listeners: Resistance is futile.

Know what else is futile? Herding cats…and trying to keep the crew of the Starbase away from the great Tangent Trail. Be kind listeners: It’s the first time the whole crew’s been together in Ops since episode 99! Listen as they bounce along from topics that range from remembering the artistic greatness of Ralph McQuarrie, Jake Lloyd comes out for AnnieAnti-Bullying measures, the Admiral nears aneurysm levels over Lucas’s Greedo sacrilege, Superman Vs. Hulk…

Okay, let’s pause a moment for Superman Vs. Hulk, shall we?

Okay. Back on track!

Kennedy keeps confusing franchises, Ro raves about her recent UNKK!!TM Experience, and the Admiral decides that the crew should rendezvous at Kennedy Space Center for the 2013 unveiling of Atlantis’s new home. Meanwhile, Ro is nearing total apoplexy over the imminent arrival of Discovery to the Udvar-Hazy, Kennedy is angry that Disney is bringing down another of his favorite book franchises while the Bajoran doesn’t understand why he’s getting so worked up over a character from ER.

Finally, it’s time to alert Starfleet Command: We have engaged the Borg. But we enter into the ongoing struggle against these cybernetic foes with backup from Jason, host of Atomic Trivia War 9000 and co-host of Simply Syndicated’s newest podcast, Remastered.

Listen as we divulge classified information on the origin of the species, famous conflicts, infamous alterations, favorites, flubs, one crew member’s worrisome knowledge of Hugh Borg’s life after his Descent, queens of all kinds, and…well, as all conversation about the Borg are destined to do, gushing over our favorite Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One.

Futile, indeed.

So secure the docking bay doors, charge up the weapons, and take your stations. We’re going after the Big Bads of the Delta Quadrant in full force, listeners! But while we wait for them to recharge their batteries and search for a stronger wi-fi signal, enjoy this educational video on the Pwnage of the Son of Mogh. Q’apla!


Episode Log: Immortality

Listen to Episode 107: Immortality

Immortality: A toy which people cry for,
And on their knees apply for,
Dispute, contend and lie for,
And if allowed
Would be right proud
Eternally to die for.
—Ambrose Bierce

Do you have inside you blood of kings? Can no man be your equal? Are you a god? (Remember, Ray, say yes!) Or have your lips recently turned blue and you find yourself with an overwhelming need to petulantly harass a balding Englishman with a French name?

Then this week’s episode is for you!

From vampires to Cylons to Q to work currently being undertaken by groups like the Immortality Institute “to conquer the blight of involuntary death,” the Admiral and Ro discuss the concepts, reality, genre representations, and general pursuit of eternal life. Who wants it? Who thinks there’s no room for it? Who’s ready with a bowl and spoon for their first heaping helping of Soylent Green? Tune in to find out!

If you are lining up for your first crack at a positronic upload or a sip of Lisle Von Rhuman’s eternal elixir, here are some tasty nuggets of geekery to fill all that time you’ll find yourself possessing:

The first look at The Amazing Spider-Man!

Ridley Scott’s return to the sci-fi horror genre!

That Superb Owl commercial that features all those Marvel comics dudes who got their own individual movie (or two…shout it out if you’re green and loud or a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist!)…plus that Black guy with the eye patch and the chick in the pleather onesie!

And, settle in for the long haul with this one, kiddies!

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