Episode Log: City of Heroes

Listen to Episode 115: City of Heroes

Bajoran Blogger Backlog Edition: These show notes are for the episode that originally posted on October 24, 2012.

On August 31, 2012, NCsoft Corporation terminated its software development subsidiary Paragon Studios. With this act came the end of City of Heroes, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) loved and played by the Admiral and several of his IRL friends.

[That’s right: The Admiral has figured out a way to be a geek and still have real-life friendships. This is why he’s the Admiral, listeners.]

In response to this announcement, the Admiral invited his friends and fellow “heroes”—UNKK, LOTR Scholar Keith, Dave (not in the brig), and Steve—onto the Starbase to sing the praises and swan song for this most beloved game.

First, listen in on UNKK-inspired space chat, odd plans to steal one of the shuttles (with a submarine?), Abrams-inspired spleen venting (and the Bajoran wasn’t even on the base this episode!), aircraft falling implausibly from the skies!, Blossom’s Big Bang Theory, and astronaut screaming?

Then listen as friends say goodbye to a game that played a large role in re-solidifying friendships and allowing middle-aged dads to don tights and undies on the outside, even if only in the safety of a virtual realm.

Finally, here is a fan-made tribute video. It’s possibly adequate…possibly not. However, it includes songs from two Joss Whedon shows, which seems like something a lot of you like. So, there you go.

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