Episode Log: Requiem

Listen to Episode 114: Requiem

Bajoran Blogger Backlog Edition: These show notes are for the episode that originally posted on September 11, 2012.

It’s a bit of a potpourri maelstrom at the beginning of this episode, as the Admiral is joined by UNKK and Ro for a bit of catch-up followed by a bit of commemoration.

First, belated birthday greetings to the Starbaby, who advanced to Level 2 since the last episode! Then a bit of convention chatter regarding all the TNG:25 appearances by the entire cast, which somehow morphs into discussion about Robert Beltran’s whining versus Avery Brooks’s…er, whimsy, including his rather unique performance in the Shatner documentary The Captains (which you all really need to watch if only for Brooks).

P.S. – That YouTube video makes the Bajoran love the Emissary all the more. Viva la difference, Captain.

Throw in a plug for a bit more Common Sense followed by Coronal Mass Ejection (which would make a cracking band name), the Admiral’s inevitable encounter with Rise of the Planet of the Apes (people eyes and terrible CGI and all)…

We interrupt these show notes with a very important announcement: The Bajoran has finally figured out why there would be a chimpanzee refuge anywhere in the United States. True, it’s not San Francisco…actually, wouldn’t this have been that much better a film if it had taken place in Louisiana? Chimps on the loose, finding their way down to the Big Easy? Chimps on Bourbon Street? Who’d be able to lead an uprising when there are Jägermeister shooters and strippers?!

Ro refuses to watch Prometheus after teh Interwebz crushed her enthusiasm, but the Admiral couldn’t wait to fire up Netflix on a recent Bachelor’s weekend to watch…the new Conan movie? Really? You had him at Mamoa? Ro will stick with her recent viewing of Underworld: Booty Call, thank you.

Then it’s time to shuffle off the mortal coil once more as we pay tribute to this year’s departure of some of the influential genre pioneers of both fiction and non, without whom the stars twinkle a little less brightly. Among the roster of those we mention are Neil Armstrong (not Neil Young, NBC), Sally Ride, Ernest Borgnine, Phyllis Diller, Davey Jones, Richard Lynch, William Windom, Jerry Nelson, Ray Bradbury, Maurice Sendak, and Tony Scott.

Oh, and one more thing. Borg Nine. Heh.


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