Episode Log: News Potpourri

Listen to Episode 112: News Potpourri

What’s that delightfully nerdy scent, wafting through the Starbase? Why, it’s the latest batch of News Potpourri!

There is, indeed, no dearth of nerdy news niblets this week, listeners! The Admiral kicks things off by whipping out his big…bragging rights, as he can do whenever he likes. He is the Admiral, after all.

Congratulations are then in order, for our favorite Vulcan/Klingon/Q/Andorian hybrid and all-around awesome Human, Suzie Plakson! She was successful in reaching her Kickstarter goal, which means that we can look forward to soon experiencing her fantabulous tale, The Return of King Lillian! Join the journey now by liking the Official King Lillian Facebook page and be sure to keep watch at KingLillian.com!

The crew then play the latest subspace communication received from loyal listener Josh (@king_follower on Twitter), whose question hearkens back to the previous episode’s discussion of “Geek Chic” and geekery’s changing role and acceptance in society.

This launches our intrepid crew into a discussion of the successful SpaceX Dragon mission and two unique guests to hitch a ride on the unmanned rocket.

From the final frontier, we travel back to Earth and the real-life Bionic Woman who recently completed a London marathon thanks to a “ReWalk” exoskeleton. What implications does a suit like this hold for paraplegics and quadriplegics? And is this technology already obsolete before it even hits the mainstream market?

We hit a bit of a rough patch at this point as someone came close to sinking our Battleship…which, of course sparks a spate of horrifying discourse on future board game-based movies, none of which come close to sounding as awesome as this movie poster looks.

Join us now as we offer a 21-click salute to Eugene Polley, inventor of the television remote control, who passed away on May 22.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled venting, already in progress. Seems there’s a guy out there who believes that we can Build The Enterprise. Forrealz. And only for (insert Dr. Evil Voice) ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! UNKK informs us that it’s not a completely stupid idea (although it’s pretty darn close), while the Admiral averts an internal breach by venting his spleen over how ridonculous the entire proposal sounds. Oh, and, yes, the Admiral did indeed say and mean “centrifugal” in his rant. Do not doubt him, for he is the Admiral.

Switching over to the horror world for a moment, we debate the continuing merits of “found footage” movies, the Admiral ruins Apollo 18 FOR EVERYONE ON BOARD THE STARBASE WHO HASN’T SEEN THE MOVIE YET, UNKK reveals what he thinks is a worse space movie than Armageddon right before breaking the universe with his recommendation for a new sci-fi movie channel, and Ro brings up boobs. In 3DD. As she often does.

Speaking of boobs, new technology makes it possible to track eye movement as a means of determining things like how men and women view certain images differently. Makes the question “Were you looking at her? Or her? Or her?” even more dangerous than ever…

The ever-fantastic Boz (@cartbozman on Twitter) then chimes in with a voice mail question regarding the Starbase’s recent Borg episode that leads to Mr. Blobby-induced screaming from the Admiral and this handy little “Know Your Borg” chart from the resident “crinkle nose”:

We would have turned Mr. Blobby into a Borg for Boz, but we feel that: A) Mr. Blobby is terrifying enough in his own squishy right; and B) Not even the Borg would assimilate this:

Finally, the BBC see barcodes at birth in our future. Ro sees an endless stream of fundamentalist panic regarding “The Mark of the Beast.” She’s more concerned about recent news regarding hackable medical implants anyway. Captain Picard is now hackable? Don’t piss off Beverly, sir. You know she’s got a computer wiz for a son…


Episode Log: The Borg

Listen to Episode 109: The Borg.

We’ve been telling you this all along, listeners: Resistance is futile.

Know what else is futile? Herding cats…and trying to keep the crew of the Starbase away from the great Tangent Trail. Be kind listeners: It’s the first time the whole crew’s been together in Ops since episode 99! Listen as they bounce along from topics that range from remembering the artistic greatness of Ralph McQuarrie, Jake Lloyd comes out for AnnieAnti-Bullying measures, the Admiral nears aneurysm levels over Lucas’s Greedo sacrilege, Superman Vs. Hulk…

Okay, let’s pause a moment for Superman Vs. Hulk, shall we?

Okay. Back on track!

Kennedy keeps confusing franchises, Ro raves about her recent UNKK!!TM Experience, and the Admiral decides that the crew should rendezvous at Kennedy Space Center for the 2013 unveiling of Atlantis’s new home. Meanwhile, Ro is nearing total apoplexy over the imminent arrival of Discovery to the Udvar-Hazy, Kennedy is angry that Disney is bringing down another of his favorite book franchises while the Bajoran doesn’t understand why he’s getting so worked up over a character from ER.

Finally, it’s time to alert Starfleet Command: We have engaged the Borg. But we enter into the ongoing struggle against these cybernetic foes with backup from Jason, host of Atomic Trivia War 9000 and co-host of Simply Syndicated’s newest podcast, Remastered.

Listen as we divulge classified information on the origin of the species, famous conflicts, infamous alterations, favorites, flubs, one crew member’s worrisome knowledge of Hugh Borg’s life after his Descent, queens of all kinds, and…well, as all conversation about the Borg are destined to do, gushing over our favorite Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One.

Futile, indeed.

So secure the docking bay doors, charge up the weapons, and take your stations. We’re going after the Big Bads of the Delta Quadrant in full force, listeners! But while we wait for them to recharge their batteries and search for a stronger wi-fi signal, enjoy this educational video on the Pwnage of the Son of Mogh. Q’apla!

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