Episode Log: Here Goes Nothing

Listen to Episode 113: Here Goes Nothing

Bajoran Blogger Backlog Edition: These show notes are for the episode that originally posted on June 17, 2012.

A long, long time ago on a network far, far away, two groovy British cats named Boz and Casey, hosts of the forgiven but not forgotten Here Goes Nothing podcast, came up with a brilliant fundraising idea for Simply Syndicated: Have a bunch of the network hosts play a bit of switcharoo on listeners and record their takes on other shows. Logistics complicated the fundraising aspect, but several of us still popped out our takes on the classics.

This is the Starbase crew’s attempt to emulate the inimitable stylings of Boz and Casey’s Here Goes Nothing. No real show notes for this one. It kind of defies them. Lots of rambling. Lots of reminiscing. Stories. Beer. Burping. Haiku. And a better understanding of why this blurry image perfectly captures the Bajoran’s first encounter with Bourbon Street.

No, those aren’t cigars.



The Littlest Ensign

All hands on deck! The Starbase would like to officially welcome its latest crewmember, the Weatherbaby!

Congratulations to Kennedy and family!

And congratulations to UNKK. As the last member on board the Starbase, it’s your extreme honor and privilege to be officially nominated to diaper duty. Oh, by the way, there’s two babies on board.

The Bajoran will be down in the rum storage bay…

Episode Log: News Potpourri

Listen to Episode 112: News Potpourri

What’s that delightfully nerdy scent, wafting through the Starbase? Why, it’s the latest batch of News Potpourri!

There is, indeed, no dearth of nerdy news niblets this week, listeners! The Admiral kicks things off by whipping out his big…bragging rights, as he can do whenever he likes. He is the Admiral, after all.

Congratulations are then in order, for our favorite Vulcan/Klingon/Q/Andorian hybrid and all-around awesome Human, Suzie Plakson! She was successful in reaching her Kickstarter goal, which means that we can look forward to soon experiencing her fantabulous tale, The Return of King Lillian! Join the journey now by liking the Official King Lillian Facebook page and be sure to keep watch at KingLillian.com!

The crew then play the latest subspace communication received from loyal listener Josh (@king_follower on Twitter), whose question hearkens back to the previous episode’s discussion of “Geek Chic” and geekery’s changing role and acceptance in society.

This launches our intrepid crew into a discussion of the successful SpaceX Dragon mission and two unique guests to hitch a ride on the unmanned rocket.

From the final frontier, we travel back to Earth and the real-life Bionic Woman who recently completed a London marathon thanks to a “ReWalk” exoskeleton. What implications does a suit like this hold for paraplegics and quadriplegics? And is this technology already obsolete before it even hits the mainstream market?

We hit a bit of a rough patch at this point as someone came close to sinking our Battleship…which, of course sparks a spate of horrifying discourse on future board game-based movies, none of which come close to sounding as awesome as this movie poster looks.

Join us now as we offer a 21-click salute to Eugene Polley, inventor of the television remote control, who passed away on May 22.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled venting, already in progress. Seems there’s a guy out there who believes that we can Build The Enterprise. Forrealz. And only for (insert Dr. Evil Voice) ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! UNKK informs us that it’s not a completely stupid idea (although it’s pretty darn close), while the Admiral averts an internal breach by venting his spleen over how ridonculous the entire proposal sounds. Oh, and, yes, the Admiral did indeed say and mean “centrifugal” in his rant. Do not doubt him, for he is the Admiral.

Switching over to the horror world for a moment, we debate the continuing merits of “found footage” movies, the Admiral ruins Apollo 18 FOR EVERYONE ON BOARD THE STARBASE WHO HASN’T SEEN THE MOVIE YET, UNKK reveals what he thinks is a worse space movie than Armageddon right before breaking the universe with his recommendation for a new sci-fi movie channel, and Ro brings up boobs. In 3DD. As she often does.

Speaking of boobs, new technology makes it possible to track eye movement as a means of determining things like how men and women view certain images differently. Makes the question “Were you looking at her? Or her? Or her?” even more dangerous than ever…

The ever-fantastic Boz (@cartbozman on Twitter) then chimes in with a voice mail question regarding the Starbase’s recent Borg episode that leads to Mr. Blobby-induced screaming from the Admiral and this handy little “Know Your Borg” chart from the resident “crinkle nose”:

We would have turned Mr. Blobby into a Borg for Boz, but we feel that: A) Mr. Blobby is terrifying enough in his own squishy right; and B) Not even the Borg would assimilate this:

Finally, the BBC see barcodes at birth in our future. Ro sees an endless stream of fundamentalist panic regarding “The Mark of the Beast.” She’s more concerned about recent news regarding hackable medical implants anyway. Captain Picard is now hackable? Don’t piss off Beverly, sir. You know she’s got a computer wiz for a son…

Episode Log: Should Geeks Be Chic?

Listen to Episode 111: Should Geeks Be Chic?

If you think that putting on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and a “Bazinga!” T-shirt is all you need to do to transform yourself into a “geek”…well, you’re about to hear an earful from the Starbase crew!

This week, crew rotations bring us a new permanent officer: UNKK! (Trademark symbol shall no longer appear as all permanent crew members are protected by the trademark umbrella of Starbase 66TM)


Also, we welcome aboard returning guest, the U.S.S. Philadelphia’s valiant Chief Blogging Officer, Camille! Camille accepts a temporary reassignment from her blogorific duties at CamilleReads.com to discuss the concept of “Geek Chic.” Is it really cool to be a geek? Or is it just cool to look like a geek? Why? Why not? What is The Guild attempting to do with their latest song, “I’m The One That’s Cool” (besides break Ro’s inner English major geek)? What is the point of all these questions? And what exactly is an asshat?

Oh. Ew.

Prior to the Geek Chic dissection, listen in as the crew gushes like…geeks about that little independent movie that just came out…you might have heard of it…The Avengers? Apparently, everyone liked it. Even the whiny hater. Although…still waiting for Steed and Peel to show up…

That’s much better…

Episode Log: Asteroid Mining

Listen to Episode 110: Asteroid Mining

Suffering from a double dose of Vitamin K deficiency this week, with the mysterious absences of the bodacious Bajoran and the charismatic Kanadian, the Admiral did the only thing there is to do in such an instance…he called on the double-K power of the one and only…UNKK!!TM

What with all the recent space happenings, including the shuttle shuffle along the East Coast and the announcement of the group Planetary Resources (yes, that group) to partake in some good old-fashioned asteroid mining, there’s lots to chat about with our favorite NASA denizen! So pop some Tang, crunch up some astronaut ice cream over your real ice cream, and settle back for some space banter guaranteed to edify you in a celestial way!

Random space nerd humor…

Final Flight

Special thank you to the Starbase’s NASA correspondent UNKK!!TM for sending us these gorgeous shots of the Shuttle Discovery’s recent relocation from Kennedy Space Center to her new home at the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Annex of the Air and Space Museum!

Welcome home, Discovery!

A Small Sample of Suzie

For those who are interested in learning more about Suzie Plakson’s work, The Return of King Lillian, here is a special snippet of the audio book for your enjoyment. Take a listen and, if you can help out with a donation, that would be fantastic! If not, please help by spreading the word!


Episode Log: The Return of Suzie Plakson

Listen to Episode 109a: Suzie Needs You!

Never let it be said that the Starbase crew does anything halfheartedly (well, except for those anger management retreats the Bajoran keeps going through…the redshirt turnaround is proof positive that someone isn’t putting much effort into listening).

Regardless, when we feel passionately about something, we go for the full-body plunge. No toe dipping here, faithful listeners! That’s why we were thrilled to be joined once again by the always delightful Suzie Plakson for her third visit to the Starbase (third time’s a charm, but she’s a joy every time!). Listen in as Suzie shares with us a bit of the back story behind her latest creative endeavor, The Return of King Lillian.

Described by Suzie as “an allegorical story for non-conformists of all ages,” The Return of King Lillian is a labor of love that Suzie has finally captured in proper form for telling. Now she needs our help to raise the funds to bring Lillian home.

Using Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, Suzie recently launched The Return of King Lillian fiction project. The goal of this project is to raise $7,500 to fund the creation of the eBook, the audio book (which will be recorded by Suzie), and an accompanying Web site.

The deadline for this Kickstarter project is May 10, 2012. Suzie’s almost halfway there now, but she needs our help to cross the finish line!

Every contribution helps, whether it’s a monetary donation, the sharing of this project with other Suzie fans, or even just well wishes sent Suzie’s way, either through her official Facebook page or her Web site. If she doesn’t reach her goal, however, please note that no funds will be deducted from your credit card. Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” kinda site.

So, do what you can, keep your fingers crossed, and we’ll keep you posted about Suzie’s progress!


The Return of King Lillian

This is what happens when the Admiral leaves the keys to the blog in the hands of that tricksy Bajoran…

So rumor has it that our favorite charismatic Klingon, that vixenish Vulcan, the Quintessential Queen Q, and the most audacious Andorian to ever grace the promenade of our humble Starbase has written a book! And she’d like your help to share it with you!

That’s right, Suzie Plakson has recently announced that she’s completed work on The Return of King Lillian, “a newfangled narrative with an old-fashioned feel. An allegorical tale for non-conformists of all ages.” In line with the modern multimedia experience, she’d like to release this as both an e-Book and as an audiobook performed…by her!

To help make it so (sorry, it needed to be said), Suzie has launched a Kickstarter page, to help her raise the funding for this fabulous project. Head on over to her project page, let her tell you more about the project, and then, if you can, help her reach her target funding goal! And if you can’t help with a donation, make sure to pass along the news to all your other groovy genre fan friends!

Episode Log: The Borg

Listen to Episode 109: The Borg.

We’ve been telling you this all along, listeners: Resistance is futile.

Know what else is futile? Herding cats…and trying to keep the crew of the Starbase away from the great Tangent Trail. Be kind listeners: It’s the first time the whole crew’s been together in Ops since episode 99! Listen as they bounce along from topics that range from remembering the artistic greatness of Ralph McQuarrie, Jake Lloyd comes out for AnnieAnti-Bullying measures, the Admiral nears aneurysm levels over Lucas’s Greedo sacrilege, Superman Vs. Hulk…

Okay, let’s pause a moment for Superman Vs. Hulk, shall we?

Okay. Back on track!

Kennedy keeps confusing franchises, Ro raves about her recent UNKK!!TM Experience, and the Admiral decides that the crew should rendezvous at Kennedy Space Center for the 2013 unveiling of Atlantis’s new home. Meanwhile, Ro is nearing total apoplexy over the imminent arrival of Discovery to the Udvar-Hazy, Kennedy is angry that Disney is bringing down another of his favorite book franchises while the Bajoran doesn’t understand why he’s getting so worked up over a character from ER.

Finally, it’s time to alert Starfleet Command: We have engaged the Borg. But we enter into the ongoing struggle against these cybernetic foes with backup from Jason, host of Atomic Trivia War 9000 and co-host of Simply Syndicated’s newest podcast, Remastered.

Listen as we divulge classified information on the origin of the species, famous conflicts, infamous alterations, favorites, flubs, one crew member’s worrisome knowledge of Hugh Borg’s life after his Descent, queens of all kinds, and…well, as all conversation about the Borg are destined to do, gushing over our favorite Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One.

Futile, indeed.

So secure the docking bay doors, charge up the weapons, and take your stations. We’re going after the Big Bads of the Delta Quadrant in full force, listeners! But while we wait for them to recharge their batteries and search for a stronger wi-fi signal, enjoy this educational video on the Pwnage of the Son of Mogh. Q’apla!

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