What is Starbase 66?

It’s a podcast, an audio show delivered via the Internet. Listeners download the show at their leisure and listen to it on their iPods or other MP3 players, or via their computers, or burn it to CD and listen to it on their stereos, car or otherwise.

Okay, but what kind of podcast is it?

Starbase 66 is a weekly discussion of science fiction and how it fits into the modern world.

Is it a lot of stupid Star Trek fanboy talk?

No. This is not a love-in. The hosts have taken heat over the years for not being as gushy as some people would like. This is analysis and study by people with decades of fandom under their belts; when something is bad, they will say so.

Oh, it’s like smart university-level gobbledygook.

No. It’s also very silly and sometimes even funny. Or maybe the other way around.

Who are the hosts?

The show originated with Rick, also known as Admiral Marius or the Admiral. He lives in Florida and teaches theatre. When he launched the show, he drafted Karen, also known as Ro Karen, who lives near Washington D.C. and is not allowed to discuss the work she does for an agency that shall remain nameless. And then came Kennedy, also known as Weathereye, who lives northeast of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he’s a multimedia journalist for a daily newspaper.

How do they do a weekly show if they live so far apart?

Technology, baby, technology. They use Skype to connect. The three of them have never been in the same room at the same time.

When did the show start?

Things started to take shape in the late summer 0f 2008. The first show hit the airwaves in December of that year, after a couple of months of experimentation.

What is Simply Syndicated?

Simply Syndicated is a global podcasting network. Launched in 2005, it features some of the top-rated podcasts in the world, including Movies You Should See, Make It So, The Definitive Word, Crimes Against Food, Hooked, For Those About To Rock, Richard and Allison’s Super Happy Fun Time and … Or Do You Think That’s Just Bo11*#ks.


And the hosts of Starbase 66 were fans of those shows, and started corresponding on the Simply Syndicated forums, and built a bond, because these things happen.

So why is Starbase 66 on the Simply Syndicated network?

In February 2009, Simply Syndicated approached the Admiral and suggested the show join the fleet. This happened later that year, along with other solid shows like Nerd Hurdles, Here Goes Nothing and Masters of None.

I want to listen to those old shows, but I can’t.

Episodes 1 through 15 are available only through special order, which means if you want to order them, the Admiral thinks you’re special.

What are the forums?

The Simply Syndicated forums are an oasis of intelligent, non-LOL ROFL LMAO OMG discussion and observation, found at Simply Syndicated.

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  1. John Mulvany

     /  March 8, 2010

    Dear Whiney Haters,

    I found your show about two weeks ago. Now I’ve listened to every one that I could download from itunes. It’s a joyful thing for me.

    I love all thinks science fiction. One show that I’ve watched a number of times is Babylon 5. You don’t mention this much…but it has some bearing on subjects you have covered: a gay relationship between two major characters (Ivanova and Talia Winters) which was done without any fuss; Babylon 5 also has many strong female characters…and then there is Ensign Chekov, I agree, not the best character in the original star trek. But Walter Koenig is magnificent as Alfred Bester.

    Other strong women in science fiction? Space Above and Beyond.

    On one show you talked of scary science fiction movies, I would add ‘Day of the Triffids’ and the original ‘War of the Worlds’…but probably this is because I saw them when I was about ten years old.

    It is a while since I’ve watched Star Trek. And I stopped reading the books when they were no longer self contained novels, but 1 of 5 series. However, you guys have inspired me to pick up on Star Trek again. Today I have bought ‘Unity’ by S. D. Perry. And I will be watching for ‘Avatar’ by S. D. Perry, and the Solow book on Star Trek in my second hand book shop.

    Oh…and yesterday I bought Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, spurred on by one of your early shows.

    My thanks to you all…John.

    • Thanks, John, and welcome aboard. Babylon 5 is something we do intend to discuss, but I don’t think Karen or Kennedy have seen much of it, and I haven’t seen any in many years, so the memories are rather dim, but thanks for reminding me.

      And I love Frankenstein. 🙂



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