Away Mission

Hi, Folks! This week, Ro Karen and the Admiral beamed onto the CRITICALMASSCAST podcast to join host Greg and the ever wonderful El Diablito to discuss the 20th anniversary of Deep Space Nine. They had a blast recording it, so tune in and send some love to this very fun podcast.


Download link to CRITICALMASSCAST Episode “Happily Stationary: The 20th Anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Timeline Restored

Thank you to Listener Liam, (@kiraniumbra on Twitter) for brightening the Bajoran’s morning with this little slice of gold-pressed latinum. Seems it’s not just the surly contingent of the Starbase crew who is displeased by the muckup that J.J. Abrams has made of the Trek universe.

Prophets bless the Germans.

Also, doesn’t “Captain Kirk” look a little bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Could this be another of his love children? You sent him to space, Arnie? Talk about going to extremes to hide your dalliance from Maria…

Kudos to and FedCon (German site) for creating this delightful video and for softening the blow of learning that Abrams is still going forward with plans to further desecrate the Trek name with another movie.* He’s now even cast the role of the still unknown villain (coughcough better not be Khan coughcough).

*The opinions expressed in this post belong solely to the Bajoran and do not reflect the opinions of other members of the Starbase crew. Even though they should.

Cogswell Wins Teh Interwebz, Stardate 061720.11

The Bajoran may not be that religious, but listener, magical mystery musician, and tweeter extraordinaire Cogswell somehow discovered the temple where the Admiral sends her for those fabled anger management sessions.

Wondering about the strangeness of the sign message? Follow the crew on Twitter and get in on the fun!


WARNING: Watching this video may cause heart palpitations, temporary loss of higher brain functions, giddy girl apoplexy, and possibly even unconsciousness.

(Okay, maybe these are just applicable to the Starbase’s resident Bajoran, but still, this video is further evidence of how amazingly talented and funny our friend Suzie Plakson is…as well as how lovely she looks without Klingon ridges or Vulcan ears or Andorian blues.

We hope you enjoy this musical interlude and we continue to encourage all of you to download your own copy of Suzie’s debut album, DidnWannaDoIt, as soon as humanly (or Bajoranly, Vulcanly, Klingonly, Pakledy, Andorianly, or whateverly) possible!

Friday Femslash Fun

While the Admiral and Kennedy continue to content themselves with perusing the Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive, here’s a tantalizing Tumblr site that Ro stumbled upon while…doing research.

Yeah. Research.

It’s called Fuck Yeah Trek Femslash! Does anything else need to be said at this point? We thought not.

I’m an Admiral, Not a Decorator!

And this would be why our beloved Admiral is not a decorator:

This is also why he’s no longer allowed near late night eBay auctions after hitting Ro’s rum stash a little too hard. Yeah, the pillow’s comfortable, but would you want to stare at this in your brig cell? This might actually fall under the purview of torture.


What about you? Do you have any embarrassing bits of geekanalia that you regretted purchasing? Come on, don’t leave the Admiral alone in his embarrassment! Share with us. You know you want to…

Turnip Like a Dirty Beetroot

We are a filthy lot here at the Starbase. Someone is always cracking a dirty joke or saying something that just drips with innuendo. Admittedly, it’s usually the same “someone.” You’d be amazed at how obscene Starbuck can be.

Bad kitty. Bad, bad kitty.

Even our YouTube proclivities slink and slip along the edge of naughtiness. Listeners will no doubt recall several conversations we’ve had about a particular series of fan-made videos involving a rather lascivious Janeway and her Borg paramour, which we’ve always promised to link to at some point.

Here, then, is that point. These videos were created by SazzyAgain, a Voyager fan who obviously has very defined opinions about life and love aboard that lonely ship lost in the Delta Quadrant. They’re not all as ribald as these videos, but they are fun.

Oh, one thing before we start the show: The actual language in the videos isn’t obscene (unless you’re offended by French), but the captioning most assuredly is. So make sure your monitors are for your eyes only if you decide to watch these while on duty (not that any member of the Starbase’s crew would ever encourage such behavior).

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