Timeline Restored

Thank you to Listener Liam, (@kiraniumbra on Twitter) for brightening the Bajoran’s morning with this little slice of gold-pressed latinum. Seems it’s not just the surly contingent of the Starbase crew who is displeased by the muckup that J.J. Abrams has made of the Trek universe.

Prophets bless the Germans.

Also, doesn’t “Captain Kirk” look a little bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Could this be another of his love children? You sent him to space, Arnie? Talk about going to extremes to hide your dalliance from Maria…

Kudos to Trek.fm and FedCon (German site) for creating this delightful video and for softening the blow of learning that Abrams is still going forward with plans to further desecrate the Trek name with another movie.* He’s now even cast the role of the still unknown villain (coughcough better not be Khan coughcough).

*The opinions expressed in this post belong solely to the Bajoran and do not reflect the opinions of other members of the Starbase crew. Even though they should.


Guide Us Home

Some listeners may remember a long, long time ago in a galaxy…er, in an episode now long over, that the resident Bajoran promised to post the extraordinary episode guide prepared for the Starbase crew by our Listener ExtraordinaireTM Emma.

The time has come, listeners. After being tossed into solitary for a week for an escapade that she would rather not divulge on the grounds that it could ruin several professional careers (besides, it’s another story for her memoir, Ridged for Your Pleasure), Ro has finally finished coding the Starbase 66 Episode Guide!

We hope you enjoy it…and thank you once again to Emma for humbling and delighting the entire crew with this most amazing guide to our crazy corner of the quadrant.

Cogswell Wins Teh Interwebz, Stardate 061720.11

The Bajoran may not be that religious, but listener, magical mystery musician, and tweeter extraordinaire Cogswell somehow discovered the temple where the Admiral sends her for those fabled anger management sessions.

Wondering about the strangeness of the sign message? Follow the crew on Twitter and get in on the fun!

Hello There, Mister Vader

As Dave in the Brig would no doubt love to tell listeners, there’s a particular Starbase officer with a minor infatuation with Captain Janeway. Talks about her all the time. Reads fanfic about her. Sometimes can be heard impersonating her. Even built a little shrine to her in one of the Jefferies tubes.

True, Kennedy probably doesn’t want our listeners to know any of this, but you know what they always say: A secret shared is…worth two in the bush. Or whatever that silly Terran saying is.

Of course, Kennedy isn’t the only one on board who loves Captain Janeway. How could he be the only one? She is The Grew, after all. It’s no surprise, then, that the Admiral needed to break up a bit of a scuffle over who would get to keep this fantastic bit of crossover fanart, drawn by Ari after hearing our “Enterprise versus Death Star” debate in our second anniversary episode:

Trying to figure out how Janeway ended up in the middle of this debate? Guess you’re going to have to listen to the show for the answer to this sassy condundrum!

Thank the prophets for the replicator, because now one copy of Ari’s awesome art is hanging in someone’s brig cell. The Admiral doesn’t want to know where the other copy ended up…

Episode Log: Second Anniversary Show

Listen to Episode 78: Second Anniversary.

And so it begins. Welcome to the Starbase’s first episode log entry! It’s only taken us 78 episodes. Nothing quite like Federation gumption, eh?

The Starbase is now entering its third year of service to the Simply Syndicated Federation, and our “Terrible Twos” are finally behind us. Well, except for the crewmember who is still stuck in the brig because of “pre-caffeinated redshirt spacing issues”…and the one who keeps insisting on reporting for duty without pants (I’ll leave to it to you to figure out whether I mean the American or the British type of “pants”).

So, first, a little birthday song fun from the crew of Voyager:

To help us celebrate the momentous occasion of another Starbase anniversary, Richard Smith, Simply Syndicated’s Evil Emperor himself (as well as our Big Boss), joins us in our annual festival of self-love.

Okay, that sounded a bit filthier than intended.

In addition to chatting about general sci-fi and horror geekery, BBC’s Ghost Watch, the opening scene of Ghost Ship, and Sean Connery in a wig and a diaper, we read some fantastic birthday congratulations, answer listener questions, play some awesome audio recordings, and even give away a gift of the complete Firefly series on DVD (because what’s a birthday celebration without presents?).


Speaking of shiny awesomeness, a special thank you to Victoria, who, while not able to actually deliver Jewel Staite to Ro Karen as requested when we first announced our Firefly contest, came pretty gorram close with this fantabulous drawing of Ro and Kaylee:

To all our listeners who have sent us e-mails or recordings, either for our second anniversary show or for any show, thank you so much for taking the time to wish us well, to suggest topics for future shows, to correct us when we’re wrong, to support us on the rare occasions when we’re right, to challenge us, to make us laugh, or to just be our friends. As the Admiral has said on many occasions, without you we’d just be three nerds sitting in our geek caves, talking about Trek. With you, we’re still three nerds…but you validate our nerdiness. And that’s more valuable than all the gold-pressed latinum hidden behind the access panels in Quark’s bar.

A Bajoran can always use a spare pair of ridges...

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