Episode Log: Lemme Sum Up

So, it’s been a while, hasn’t it, faithful listeners? Here, then, is the Inigo Montoya version of what’s happened since the last time someone (*coughcough*lazy Bajoran*coughcough*) made any updates:

Listen to Episode 121: The Love Ship
Originally posted April 3, 2013

So that crazy Bajoran went and did something…crazy. She got hitched. So the Admiral thought it would be a good time to talk about some favorite Trek relationships. No, not the fanfic ones. Okay, some of the fanfic ones. Because…you know. Janeway/Seven isn’t going to discuss itself!

Listen to Episode 122: Spoilers
Originally posted April 18, 2013

Spoilers: Nerd Hurdlers Jakob and Mandi and Chief Editing Officer Mike Mould joined the crew to discuss spoilers. Are they awesome? Satan spit on the joy of viewing innocence? I’d tell you the final outcome but…spoilers.

Listen to Episode 123: A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen
Originally posted May 21, 2013

The crew welcomes Chief Blogger Camille as an official member of the Starbase crew before paying tribute to the incomparable Ray Harryhausen.


Listen to Episode 124: Star Trek Into Darkness
Originally posted May 30, 2013

Richard Smith, Simply Syndicated’s Chief of All, and the Starbase crew, including the increasingly elusive Kennedy, gather to discuss the latest J.J. Abrams’ abomination addition to the Trek franchise.

[insert lens flare here]

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: Doctor Who, Series 7
Originally posted June 23, 2013

The Admiral is joined by Mary, Mike, and Shane to discuss, with many spoilers, the ups and downs of the Doctor’s latest exploits.

Listen to Episode 125: More Mailbag
Originally posted July 2, 2013

Letters! We get letters! We get lots and lots of letters! (Bonus points to all those who recognize this little late night throwback) Letters are read. Answers are provided. Jokes are made. Songs are sung. Wines are drunk. Stuff is made up. Mostly stuff in this post.

Listen to Episode 126: Man of Steel
Originally posted July 14, 2013

The Starbase crew welcomes Scott Matteson of the Through the Jumpgate podcast for a little talk of Superman, his latest movie incarnation, and his nearly 75 years of manly, steely existence.


Listen to The Admiral’s Table: Alice in Conland
Originally posted July 30, 2013

The Admiral welcomes Awesome Aussie Alice to the Starbase, to talk about the amazing things she does and the amazing people she’s met at various conventions.


Listen to Episode 127: First Contact
Originally posted August 9, 2013

Ari of Do Ask, Do Tell joins the crew to discuss first contact. No, not the movie. Actual first contact, as depicted in genre fiction. We’re saving discussion of the movie for when we’re all properly Deanna Troi on tequila.

Listen to The Little Admiral’s Table of Horrors
Originally posted August 21, 2013

The Admiral welcomes aboard Boz and Goggs of The Little Pod of Horrors to talk about their wonderful podcast.


Listen to Episode 128: Topic? What Topic?
Originally posted September 20, 2013

Back from hiatus, the Starbase crew dive into a new season with unabashed, unscripted, unpredictable glee.

Listen to Episode 129: Agents of Batwoman
Originally posted September 30, 2013

The Admiral holds onto the reins of this episode long enough to discuss with Camille their recent viewing of the new Joss Whedon show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before the Bat-crazy Bajoran hijacks things to discuss DC Comics and their bizarre relationship with two of their batty lovelies, Batgirl and Batwoman.



The Admiral’s Table: Emma Lou Goes to a Con

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: Emma Lou Goes to a Con.

Bajoran Blogger Backlog Edition: These show notes are for the Admiral’s Table that originally posted on January 19, 2013.

Want to know how to make the Starbase crew green with envy (and not the regular green of feeding them Dave’s special Romulan ale-soaked mushrooms)? Let them hear about Listener ExtraordinaireTM Emma Lou’s adventure at this bad boy:


That’s right, our very own resident Wholigan temporarily laid aside her sonic screwdriver, parked the TARDIS in a towaway zone, and hung out with a gazillion geeks at Destination Star Trek London, which is being heralded as the BIGGEST Trek convention ever held. Bigger, even, than Shatner’s ego. Not as big as Shatner’s libido.

Listen as she discusses the lay of the land, the merchandise, the costumes, the guests, the crowds…really, just listen to her. She’s got an amazing accent bound to make you melty. Learn how a dinosaur onesie almost became a Gorn costume. Learn which Trek captain wrote what on John Barrowman’s backside. Learn which Trek actor is teaching, which is Doctoring, which possibly fancies a bit of Borg probing, and which one traded in her crinkle-cut nose for…kitchen witchery?

Finally, end the Admiral’s Table with a bit of Who hoo-ha, as the Admiral and Emma Lou dish and diss on the most recent season of Doctor Who. Be warned: Thar be spoilers ahead.

Although, this late in the game, that’s a bit of a moo point…

The Admiral’s Table: Robert Goodrich

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: Robert Goodrich.

Bajoran Blogger Backlog Edition: These show notes are for the Admiral’s Table that originally posted on November 11, 2012.


The Admiral invites his friend and filmmaker Robert Goodrich to today’s Admiral’s Table, to discuss Robert’s new film, Ares 11. Learn about what went into this incredible labor of love, from the script writing to the filming to nearly suffocating the crew to post-production to tea saucers in space.

Then head on over to the movie’s Facebook fan page and show it some intergalactic love.

The Admiral’s Table: Doctor Who, Part Deux

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: Doctor Who, Part 2.

Time to pack up the TARDIS and spin off from the Starbase for another roundtable romp with the Doctor and his companions!

The Admiral welcomes to this discussion of the second half of Doctor Who‘s sixth season Listener ExtraordinaireTM Emma Lou, Shane (half of the dynamic duo responsible for The Greatest Events in Sporting History podcast), James (he’s better than the “Dread Pirate Roberts”…he’s the “Scandalously Salacious Captain Morgan“), and Greg, our Inappropriate Conversationalist.

Once again, dear listeners, we must set you upon this sea of discourse without the saving buoy of show notes. The Bajoran unfortunately discovered early in her attempted travels with the eleventh Doctor that she hates fish fingers and custard and is at the moment loathe to imagine anything cool about kooky head wear of any variety. All parties involved thought it best to temporarily remove her from the Whoniverse before there was an unfortunate bow tie-related strangulation case to investigate. Starbase Security already has its hands full with all those mysterious spacings…

The Admiral’s Table: The Final Landing

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: The Final Landing.

The Admiral travels to Cape Canaveral, home of the Kennedy Space Center, (no, not that Kennedy) to witness the historic landing of the final shuttle to be launched by NASA. The Shuttle Atlantis touched ground safe and sound that morning, bringing with it an end to the 30-year shuttle program.

Some say it was a bittersweet ending. Others say it was simply bitter. We here at the Starbase are inclined to agree with the latter sentiment, so deftly expressed by our resident NASA guru, Daniel, AKA UNKK!!TM Regardless, the United States now finds itself no longer the lead dog in the great global Space Race.

The Admiral and UNK!!TM revisit some of the highlights of the plethora of scientific, medical, and overall positive products that have been brought to us thanks to the research conducted throughout the life of the shuttle program. We learn that the future is set, actually, at least when it comes to where the remaining shuttles will be sent once they have been de-loused of all their space toxins.

As an added bonus, while you listen to this episode of The Admiral’s Table, head on over to the Admiral’s blog, where he has posted many photos from his recent journey, including his perambulation through the Star Trek exhibit (which is, simply put, 10 shades of awesome, including some shades not known to register to Human eyes) and quite possibly the most awesome flag* to ever be fabricated. But you’ll just have to see it and judge for yourself

*The resident Bajoran cannot be held responsible for any drunken forays that may or may not end with her tying said flag around her neck like a cape and running through the promenade, loudly humming the Superman theme song.

The Admiral’s Table: Doctor Who, Season 6

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: Doctor Who, Season 6.

Ramp it up, Wholigans! All the way from Raxacoricofallapatorius, it’s another Admiral’s Table discussion about Doctor Who!

Unfortunately, the Bajoran in charge of show notes is just now starting her tenure with the Tennant Doctor, so she’s making the logical decision not to listen to this episode. No spoilers, please!

So what does this mean, dear listeners? Well, it means that you’re going to have dive in to this Admiral’s Table without your friendly Bajoran life preserver to save you from the depths of this latest Who roundtable. That’s all right though. You’re in good hands, as the Admiral has welcomed the Starbase’s favorite experts on the subject: the always lovely Mistress Mary, Listener ExtraordinaireTM Emma, and Sir Shane, the Gallifreyan Game Lord from the Greatest Events in Sporting History podcast.

So turn on, tune in, and Who out! Meanwhile, the Bajoran will continue to make her way through the galaxy, dramamine and rum in hand (one for all that TARDIS spinning, the other for…well, days that end in “Y”).

Oh, and here’s a lovely mash-up T-shirt for all you Star Wars Wholigans:

The Admiral’s Table: Erin Amasan Masala

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: Erin Amasan Masala.

The Admiral has decided there is not enough rhythm on the Starbase (redshirts running for their lives apparently don’t count), so he has invited his friend, Erin, to liven things up a bit. Skilled in many forms of dance, including belly dancing, Erin regularly performs at Renaissance Fairs and as a mermaid (yes, you read correctly, and no, the Bajoran isn’t drunk right now). Erin also sheds light on behind-the-scenes lighting techniques (heehee) as a professional gaffer for UNIVISION.

Erin regularly performs with Masala Fusion and the MeduSirena underwater dancers.

The Admiral’s Table: Live at the UNKK House

Listen to the Admiral’s Table: Live at the UNKK House.

The Admiral tackles a live show in this episode of The Admiral’s Table. But never fear, loyal listeners! For he has all 6 feet 7 inches of UNKK!!TM power with him for this mission. That’s right, he is joined by NASA Daniel, to dish the dirt on a wide variety of tasty, tasty geek topics.

Included in this episode is discussion of where those gorgeous shuttles will be going once the program is completely retired (hint: one is heading toward Ro’s sector…and one might actually be going to Kennedy [although that might have been a typo; we’re still trying to sort that one out]).

The Admiral and UNKK!!TM also discuss rumors about Star Trek: The Exhibition, enhancements to the Star Trek Online MMORPG, and…what’s that? Faster-Than-Light research currently taking place at NASA? Quick! Call Galactica Actual and tell the Old Man that it’s time to finally fire up the FTL drive!!

As the show (and the number of beers consumed) progresses, the Admiral and UNKK!!TM turn to talk of sci-fi shows, sitcoms, Dr. Horrible, and of course, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, starring Jeri Ryan:

Carlos, he of Azteclos fame on the Simply Syndicated forum, calls in to discuss movies, Transformers, and Up All Night with Rhonda Shear.

(Yes, someone here at the Starbase remembered her name. We’re not saying who, but I bet you’re smacking your forehead for forgetting that name, eh? Here’s another one for you: Hard Time on Planet Earth. You’re welcome ;-))

The Admiral’s Table: Star Wars Prequels

Listen to The Admiral’s Table: Star Wars Prequels

Sorry for the delay, faithful listeners. It’s difficult to make updates when on assignment. Especially when the Admiral ships you off to one of those remote (translation: no freakin’ wi-fi!) monasteries for more “anger management training.”

Again, Kennedy has a list of people he wants to punch in the face, but the Bajoran keeps getting sent away…

Anyway, a long, long time ago (last week) in a galaxy far away, the Admiral was joined by Craig “The Scream Man” Moore, co-host of the fabulous action figure and toy-oriented podcast Fwoosh Cast, to discuss, defend, and dissect those ever-infamous Star Wars prequels.

Is there a new hope regarding these prequels? Or are these still not the movies we’re looking for? Is it wise to try to come up with nerdy puns before the first coffee of the morning has kicked in? Or should we stick with our day job and leave the funny to the professionals?

My vote’s with the professionals. Like Weird Al and his take on the first prequel:

And, just because it’s a metal kind of morning, here goes a bit of fan-made awesome to get your blood pumping and let you rock out with your lightsaber out…

So what do you think, listeners? Do you share Scream Man’s enjoyment of the prequels and think we’re all just whiny haters for bashing them all the time? Or do you think that Dave in the Brig should start showing them on continuous loop as punishment the next time Ro gets busted spacing a redshirt? Let us know!

The Admiral’s Table: Whedonverse

Listen to The Admiral’s Table: Whedonverse

Every now and again the Admiral goes off on away missions by himself. Why? Because he’s the Admiral and, therefore, he can. And because it’s a difficult job keeping his crew in line. We’ve overheard him muttering the phrase “like herding cats” on several occasions, which makes no sense to Bajorans or Klingons…or Kanadians, for that matter.

Whatever the meaning or reason, the Admiral chooses well in his solo endeavors, bringing a great array of guests to his table to chat about all variety of geekery.

For this episode of The Admiral’s Table, he sits down with forum favorites Alice and Kumar, two of the co-hosts of the Warp Factor One podcast and unofficial scions of the Whedonverse.

Listen in as they discuss key elements from the oeuvre of Joss Whedon, one of the genre’s most intriguing, and often unappreciated, creative geniuses. Discussion focuses on Buffy (both the television show and the often maligned movie that started it all), Angel, and Dollhouse, as well as Dr. Horrible and current and future projects on Whedon’s radar.

Mild spoilers float about; however, nothing is revealed that will ruin your viewing pleasure of any of these shows.

Here, for pure entertainment purposes, are the “got milk?” advertisements that featured Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz as their respective Whedonverse characters. Yes, the phrase “got milk” is grammatically offensive. Then again, the people featured in the ads wear “mustaches” comprised of a questionable sticky white substance. Grammatical grousing is the least of their problems…

And here is a photo of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman…because, certain people responsible for blogging here at the Starbase lose all focus at mere mention of the Amazon princess and can think only of images like this:

Also, perhaps if more combinations of “Joss Whedon Wonder Woman” appear online, perhaps someone will finally get the hint and make it so.

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