Episode Log: Kennedy’s Back (Again)

Listen to Episode 117: Kennedy’s Back (Again)

Bajoran Blogger Backlog Edition: These show notes are for the episode that originally posted on January 28, 2013.

Looks like Dave accidentally left the docking bay doors open again…the Kanadian found his way back onto the Starbase! Lucky for him, the Bajoran was off on retreat…hey, anyone else notice that the Kanadian and the Bajoran are never on at the same time anymore? Can anyone say “Karennedy”? The transporters have never worked quite right on this station…

There’s really no topic for this week’s episode…it’s just three dudedly dads shooting the shit about all things geeky. Clickable, downloadable, viewable highlights include mention of this groovy time lapse video of Endeavour’s final journey, through the streets of Los Angeles, to its new home at the California Science Center:

P.S. California Science Center, 1997 called and is looking for its Web site design.

UNKK talks science news, Kennedy talks books and movies, Rick finds himself very alone in his South Park love…and both Rick and Kennedy fail to remember the groovy South Park-inspired avatars that the lovely Amy (@amezzeray) designed for the Starbase crew. Good thing the Bajoran blogger’s got their backs…and she’s still got access to those avatars:


Kennedy found a really good haunted house movie to plug and UNKK revisited a couple of PC games that have killer soundtracks: The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour:

The Bajoran can’t help but notice that the soundtrack to The 7th Guest sounds a bit like the one from Phantasmagoria:

Baby talk ensues, followed by Trek talk, complete with a plug for the Mission Log podcast, and ranting and joy in copious measure for the impending Abrams Trek sequel, the strangely colon-less Star Trek Into Darkness…you know, because removing the colon will keep the movie from being full of shit.

/ whinyhate

Something about Star Wars and Petulant Canaries…no, that’s not right…Irritated Ornis…no, no, Angry Birds. Darth Vader? No, Darth Equis. Not to be confused with The Most Interesting Redshirt in the Galaxy. Rambling? Not even close…

UNKK says all geeks should own a copy of The 10th Kingdom. We’ll just leave the trailer right here, to help you decide if he is correct:

This somehow leads into a discussion on the recent surge of fairytale-centered movies and television shows and the Admiral’s overriding unease with the darkness of the original stories. If he thinks those are…Grimm, he should really stay away from Struwwelpeter, a 19th century German children’s book that depicted such things as this rather aggressive solution for thumb-sucking:


What would a visit with Kennedy be without some comic chatter? New 52, new movies for Superman, Thor, Iron-man, Captain America…Avengers, woohoo. None of the guys have seen Looper? Guess what? Ro has. And she thinks this How It Should Have Ended movie is spot-on. And hilarious. And wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

Believe it or not, there’s still so much more not even mentioned here! That’s what happens when Kennedy’s back. Again. He might not always be on the Starbase, but when he returns, he crams as much geekery into one episode as he possibly can. That’s what makes him The Most Interesting Kanadian in Podcasting.

Stay listening, my friends.

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