Timeline Restored

Thank you to Listener Liam, (@kiraniumbra on Twitter) for brightening the Bajoran’s morning with this little slice of gold-pressed latinum. Seems it’s not just the surly contingent of the Starbase crew who is displeased by the muckup that J.J. Abrams has made of the Trek universe.

Prophets bless the Germans.

Also, doesn’t “Captain Kirk” look a little bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Could this be another of his love children? You sent him to space, Arnie? Talk about going to extremes to hide your dalliance from Maria…

Kudos to Trek.fm and FedCon (German site) for creating this delightful video and for softening the blow of learning that Abrams is still going forward with plans to further desecrate the Trek name with another movie.* He’s now even cast the role of the still unknown villain (coughcough better not be Khan coughcough).

*The opinions expressed in this post belong solely to the Bajoran and do not reflect the opinions of other members of the Starbase crew. Even though they should.

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